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    Gaming laptop - external 1440p 144hz monitor

    Hi guys.

    So I'm trying to connect a 1440p 144hz monitor to my gaming laptop that has the horse power.

    The laptop has the following connectors :
    USB type 3.1
    Hdmi 2.0
    Mini display port

    I am trying to find a way for the dedicated gpu to power the screen but before I spend money on the options, what are your thoughts on the way to get at least 120hz output?

    The hdmi does not seem to be working so I thought mini dp - display port cable however I can't find details if this will push the resolution and refresh rate.

    Alternatively I go with a usb3.1 cable or dock that has display port compatability. Has anyone on here tried this as yet?

    Update :
    Alienware 17r4 is running mini display port 1.2.
    The laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port as well.

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    The gaming laptop I had had the HDMI hooked up to the IGP only and the mDP hooked up to discrete (GTX 970m).

    Meant I couldn't run 4K60p on my second display.

    1440p120 (3.7MP x 2) is fewer pixels per second than 4Kp60 (8.3MP) so it should in theory be able to drive it fine but you'll need to make sure you get a cable that can handle the bandwidth. My first mDP to DP cable from PBTech couldn't (no version number) but my second mDP to DP 1.4 cable from Ali could. I think it needs to be a cable of at least version 1.2.