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    The Guild/Player Recruitment Thread (Classic)

    Need one of these for classic imo.

    Not sure who is returning from vanilla. I'm looking for a guild to join anyway


    Troll Hunter
    Arugal Oceanic PVP

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    Undead Warrior

    Will also have a pocket healer (Undead Priest)
    Managed to recruit more friends too, have a Tauren Warrior, Undead Warlock, and a Hunter (race undecided yet)
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    Horde Arugal Oceanic PVP (still deciding)

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    Undead/Orc Warlock
    Arugal Stz!

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    Undead Mage

    Not long to go!

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    Up until 5 minutes ago, i was dead-set on rolling Alliance.

    Now I'm sitting in the 10,000 person queue contemplating life. I'm thinking Horde...

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    Arugal Horde

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    Arugal Horde Troll Mage

    Keen for a semi-hardcore guild.

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    Undead Mage
    Arugal Oceanic PVP - Horde

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    NE Hunter
    Yojamaba PVP - Alliance

    Looking for some fun people to level and end game with. Keen on world PvP

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    Would be keen as to raid with Nesian again. My first raiding experience was in Ad Infinitum.

    From looking at the Oceanic Discord. These seem like the Arugal Horde Casual/Semi-Hardcore guilds with NZ friendly times. I don't really want to raid until 11pm so Chur is the best fit for me right now. But I'm keen for any else's suggestions though.

    Berserk #1 <Berserk> OCE – PvP Server | Horde | Semi Hardcore <Berserk> is an Oceanic based guild with experienced realm first leadership in both retail and private servers. We are looking at filling our roster with not only experienced people, but also with people that are willing to learn and help out fellow guildmates. Currently recruiting all classes and players. We will consider people who want to play alternate specs such as boomkin, however you will need to be appropriately prepared with full consumes, you may be required to heal or tank at times of progression but this will be discussed. Raid times: Wed/Thur/Sunday 6-9pm AEST, 8-11pm NZT Loot rules: Loot council We expect members to be prepared for raids. Though we prioritize PvE, we have dedicated pvpers looking to rank and will be forming teams regularly. Join our discord here:

    < Chur > NZ | HORDE | PVP SERVER | SEMI-CASUAL Have a job, family or real life commitments but still want to raid 2 nights a week? Or just looking for a place to chill out and socialize? We're not going for world 1sts but aim to clear Classic raid content. Originally from Jubei'thos (not that Scumdrak) < Chur > recruiting raiders, pvpers and casual players! NZ based raiding guild, but everyone welcomed! Raid spots are limited. RAID SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY 7:30pm - 10:30 pm NZT THURSDAY OR SUNDAY 7:30pm - 10:30pm NZT Loot Distribution: Loot Council. If you're interested in joining us or have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


    We are a New Zealand & Australian based guild, we are being reborn once again for classic. This time round we're looking at a semi-hardcore approach, we will be pushing to clear content as quickly as possible. While our goal in classic is to clear all raid content in an efficient manner while maintaining a relaxed & Fun atmosphere.

    - Realm : ARUGAL [Oceanic]
    - Realm Type: PVP
    - Faction: HORDE
    - Region: NZ & AUS
    - Timezone: GMT+12 (NZ)
    - Guild Type: Semi-hardcore
    - Loot Rules: EPGP (specifc items will be loot counciled)

    Raiding times will be:
    - 2030 start till 2300-2330 finish (NZ)
    - Wednesdays & Thursdays.

    * And Sundays & Mondays used for either Alt+Casual raid nights / or extra raid nights (when needed once more phases are released)

    Position Avaliability:
    - Open/Closed Positions change often. check discord

    We expect all of our members to be respectful of all guidies. We don't expect everyone to know strats to every encounter, but if you don't, we will expect that you show up with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, and put in 100% effort.

    Also we fully expect some people cannot raid as hardcore as they used to, and we have kept that in mind and will be allowing casual's also to join all classes, as long as "if" or "when" they become avaliable to raid they do so by giving their all.


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    Arugal horde

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    Gamblor wrote:
    Would be keen as to raid with Nesian again. My first raiding experience was in Ad Infinitum.
    AI was a great experience, was a lot of fun with a bunch of kiwis who wanted to be a serious raiding guild. I'm pottering around in classic for the nostalgia but don't think I'll hang around past the initial release rush. I joined <Chur> as it's such a kiwi saying that there are a bunch of us there.

    Hope you're enjoying it, The Barrens is everything I remember lol

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    Arugal Horde

    We have a small social guild with around five of us at the moment, taking it slow and enjoying the journey doing a new dungeon every night and getting a level or two.

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    Bt wrote:

    Arugal Horde

    We have a small social guild with around five of us at the moment, taking it slow and enjoying the journey doing a new dungeon every night and getting a level or two.
    hows the queuing every night?

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    Yojamba Horde

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    Kog wrote:
    hows the queuing every night?
    No queuing at night after the first week. Happy I stuck with it, the server is very alive.

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    Arugal is all good. If you queue between 8pm-10pm NZT there is a 1hour queue.

    I feel like there will be quite a few guild mergers once everyones hit 60. Currently I have a lot of people on my friends list leveling up in different guilds.
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    some of you bastards need to come arugal alliance

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    Gambit wrote:
    some of you bastards need to come arugal alliance
    I started. Ended up deleting and rolling horde with other buddies.

    Best choice I made.

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    Weird guild but ok

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    <Magic> is a NZ based raiding guild with a strong belief in balancing raiding and real life. Our semi causal but dedicated guild is looking for like minded people to join us raids Sun/ Tues 730-1030pm NZT raid time

    Horde Arugal

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Okay what guilds are still going on Frostmourne Alliance? Have a fresh 120 mage there, looking to quickly gear up and be ready for mythic raiding next tier.
    You are about 60 lvls too high Teelo7
    Maybe try the non-claasic thread?

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    If anyone’s interested, at Ministry of Death we’re looking to round out our raid team. We raid on Wed/Thurs 6:30pm - 9:30pm ST. Loot is DKP Fixed price's + decay (specific items will be loot council).
    Pretty good bunch with guild events most weekend’s. If you’re interested you can contact me Zulti, Munchkin, Maxipad or Pogs in game or throw an application up on Discord.
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    With the announcement of character transfers i'm looking to move my Horde Hunter from US PVP realm I started on to Yojamba or Arugal. I rolled with a few American mates from back in the day who made it to L30 then stopped, but I was too far levelled to re-roll so have stuck with it. It's near impossible to find a raiding guild who raids during NZ evenings hence stoked this opportunity has come about.

    I do a lot of PVP, but am looking for a spot in a raiding guild to get my MC/BWL fix - can raid any night other than Tuesday. Ideally 1-2 nights per week would suit well.

    Anyone here still active who could make recommendations?

    Do either servers have a Discord channel setup?