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    Need an AM aerial

    I have a separate AM/FM radio tuner but most the time the AM signal is bad but when i move my aerial out from the wall to the center of my room i can get perfect reception,

    I need a way of extending my aerial or getting a better/longer one.

    Any help?

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    Make one? They are pretty basic going by the looks of the ones i've thrown out in the past

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    as far as I know (anyone feel free to correct me)

    AM antennas are typically loops of wire - sometimes they loop the wire around a plastic hoop or run a loop down a wall in the house, but essentially the longer the loop the more potential signal (both desired and undesired) you can pick up

    you usually just expose the metal ends of the piece of wire (any common multi-strand wire should be ok) you want to use and attach one end into the AM socket and the other end to ground socket (these are usually located on the back of your radio / tuner and could look like the image below, imagine the red line is your loop wire)

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    if you can't find one piece of wire long enough for what you want to do or you just want to extend the loop you can do it with terminal block or crimp joiners etc which are available from jaycar / super cheap auto / repco (they also sell suitable wire) should cost less then $10

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    What kind of fitting is it and what's currently on it, got a pic?

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    It's this tuner,

    Would some old speaker wire do?

    Was my dad's idea.

    Not sure if this will work..

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    yeah speaker wire should be fine, you press down on the spring lever under the label AM and insert one end of the wire into that socket, and then the other end of that same wire goes into the GND socket, you can experiment with different lengths of wire and looping it around things to see what works best for you.

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    My dad dared me to explain how i got the best reception, Hung my AM aerial from some string 12cm from the wall and 30cm off the floor.

    I'm not kidding.