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    "Company Van" is not a perk of a job

    Yo guys! Wanted to express my feelings on this and get some opinions.

    I've been working a new job for 5-6 months now, it's alright..but something is irking me.
    The position was and still is advertised as having the perk of a company van and company phone.
    The problem is they PREFER you to also tow a trailer. They also REQUIRE it to be parked off street and PREFER hidden from view from the road. WITH a box trailer.

    The van is also strictly work use. For example, wake up, leave home to drive to first job, work the day, finish last job of the day and drive home. Park van. The weekend? Park it until monday.

    At the moment in my current situation, it's simply not possible for me to bring the van home as I have no parking at home, so I keep it at our yard, which works well enough.

    Me and my partner are in the process of flat hunting. The problem is trying to find somewhere with space for a long wheel base high roof van + trailer off street is nigh on impossible. But I am starting to get regular questions from above re. found a flat yet? When can you start taking the van and trailer home?

    It seems the perk of Company van is simply not true...I would lean to it being more of a ballache than a perk.

    What do you guys think? Anyone else here use a company van and have similar issues?

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    How is it a perk if you can't use it for personal use?

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    Esprit wrote:
    How is it a perk if you can't use it for personal use?
    Strictly speaking if you used it for personal use it would need to be accounted for separately eh?

    The 'perk' is you get to drive it to and from work

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    Why do they care that you're not taking it home?

    That just sounds like they want the space and/or don't want the responsibility of protecting it out of hours. If you didn't sign a contract saying you'll supply secure van and trailer parking at your house, and you can't use it personally then tell them to suck it.

    It's a perk, not a responsibility.

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    I don't see this as a perk, more of a trade. Free gas to and from work, while having the responsibility of having to house the van and trailer.
    Seems a bit shit TBH

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    Comes down to fringe benefit tax and if they are paying it or not.

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    Yeah that was what I was getting at

    If it's only for work they may not be liable for FBT. If they're allowing personal use then there's an FBT liability.

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    "you tell your employees in writing that the vehicle can only be used for travel between home and work, and for travel related to the business, such as stopping at the bank on the way home from work."

    I assume you received such a memo, probably in your contract somewhere.

    Other part is insurance, often they won't be insured if it was used for personal use but they are not paying FBT.

    Accountants rule the world unfortunately

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    I had to sign a document stating I don't use my work van for personal stuff. This happened when work changed accountants.

    If you don't have the space, just straight up tell them you can't store it. I used to have limited space at home so would either leave my car at work or the work van at work. Was never an issue. My work doesn't have space any more to store the van, but I do so it's not a problem. If I didn't have space though, i'd be putting the onus on work to store it. Van and trailer is a whole different deal though. The perk is for them, they don't have to store it. Sounds like a ball ache indeed.

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    Sounds like a burden more than a perk unless you happen to live on the required section

    Great marketing on their part

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    Perks sometimes come with drawbacks and other responsibilities. Sounds like this is one of them.

    Remember they say PREFERRED not REQUIRED.

    "Work from home" can be another double edged sword depending on a company's WFH policy.

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    The only perk of you taking it home each night is being able to drive directly to site saving yourself time that you would have to pick the van up and gas from driving to the yard.
    If you dont have room at home you cannot meet their requirements to take it home, so it should sit in the yard, unless you both agree you can take it home and park it on the street or wherever you can.

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    It's like cellphones. Yeah, what a perk, people now ring me at 8pm.