HTTP error 503

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    402 users online.

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    Zarkov wrote:
    It's you they're trying to get rid of.

    GP forums is just collateral damage.
    How do you know it wasn't me

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    Now down to sub 200 users, that's more in line with expectations.

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    Yussss we're free at last.

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    Forum loads too fast now. Fks sake, Egor.

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    just wanting to know if this has been fixed yet?

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    Egor wrote:
    Any http:// mixed content is not part of the site itself but resources referenced by users, for example in (img) tags, (url) tags or avatars.
    Its not only the img or url tags.
    The main page only has which is not https.

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    ^ that's also in an img tag.

    sounds like it will auto upgrade requests to HTTPS anyway, so as long as the hosting server supports it meh

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    Cough... Content Security Policy.

    And if you want to ensure some images load - do a find and replace on the database for known resources that can be served over HTTPS.

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    Seems like the issue's back again, site is barely loading.