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    Happy Fathers Day GP Dads

    GP get's old and has kids...must be a bunch of GP Dad's out there. Anything special planned?

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    Taking the kids out to the pools, then lunch and probably a playground or something. Might even do the lawns

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    Taking the boy and his mum to Willowbank. Cool place.

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    Got a card from my daughter that she'd filled out at school...

    My Dad likes and she'd filled in sleeping, lunch with his girlfriend
    I am grateful to my Dad for ...shelter, food, warmth, and hugs

    See, now there's a girl who know's what's what. I guess making her sleep outside after the last unsatisfactory Father's Day card paid off!

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    That's lovely

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    Oldest son came around... "Happy Fathers day, I forgot your card"
    Daughter sent me a text.
    I thanked my younger son for the couple of token presents I got and he said "Nothing to do with me... Mum got them"

    I am so blessed.

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    Nothing, we don't do that sort of thing. I did get a lovely drawing of our whole family from my daughter, which was nice.

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    My daughter made me an awesome Fathers Day card and went out & got treated to a flash dinner

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    I got nothing.

    So I treated myself to a new car. **** u family.

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    Watcho buy?