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    If the shoe was on the other foot would you accept the $600 loss and move on?
    What about a $6000 loss?
    Dont be a dick, pay the bill.

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    Wasn't there a thread here one time about a JB Hi Fi pricing mistake and so many of you tried to buy multiple units of that item knowing that it was an obvious pricing mistake. So many of you flooded to the page that they found out their mistake and either sent them out anyway or refunded or credited you with a voucher or something? Ok the pricing wasn't $1.50 but it was still a significant difference and everyone wanted to take advantage of it. Not saying this justifies OP's actions but still.

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    WeenieBeenie wrote:
    This is a trick question because no one shops at Hallenstiens.
    I shop at hallentsteins, I like their plain stuff.

    I also own it too so theres that,

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    I also shop at Hallensteins, and I'm happy to be contributing to your portfolio, stacrafty

    I bought 6 scarves a while back for $30 total. Can get some great deals.
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    You're a cun* in all honesty.