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    England Tour of New Zealand

    T20I series
    1st T20I Friday, 1 November 2019
    Hagley Oval, Christchurch

    2nd T20I 3 November 2019
    Westpac Stadium, Wellington

    3rd T20I Tuesday, 5 November 2019
    Saxton Oval, Nelson

    4th T20I 8 November 2019
    18:00 (D/N)
    McLean Park, Napier

    5th T20I Sunday10 November 2019
    Eden Park No. 1, Auckland

    Test series
    1st Test 21–25 November 2019
    Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui

    2nd Test 29 November– 3 December 2019
    Seddon Park, Hamilton

    Warm Up games - T20 Bert Sutcliffe Oval, Lincoln

    20-over match: New Zealand XI vs England
    27 October 2019

    20-over match: New Zealand XI vs England
    29 October 2019

    Red Ball Warm Ups -

    New Zealand XI v England
    Bert Sutcliffe Oval, Lincoln
    Two-day match: New Zealand XI vs England
    12–13 November 2019
    New Zealand XI v England

    Cobham Oval, Whangarei
    Three-day match: New Zealand XI vs England
    15–17 November 2019
    New Zealand XI v England
    Cobham Oval, Whangarei
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    There are no test championship points up for grabs, and it has been rumored that the likes of Bairstow, Root, Stokes, and Buttler may be given a rest. I don't think England is in any fit shape or form to be resting players on a NZ tour without begging for a thrashing.

    I'd like Ferg to get a go in one of the tests, before Australia. And I'd like to see a fit Will Young given a chance in the second test if Raval is still struggling.

    The scheduling of all these day t20 games on weekdays seems damn stupid and disappointing to me. I get we need to share cricket around our grounds, but surely its about getting most access to view the games for the country as possible?

    2 of these games are going to inevitably rate so poorly - I really question what NZC is thinking. The whole point of T20 was a television package for the viewer where the whole game could more or less be viewed in prime time. But Wellington and Auckland are both given weekend day games? Why?

    Would't it have made sense for them to have the mid week night games, and the ovals the day weekend games? Is NZC really more concerned about ticket sales and not tv audiences? T20 cricket is meant to be played at night. With both teams under lights. Its the only format where this is possible.
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    Nice Opening Post.

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    Strange that there's no test points available ?
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    Thinking ahead of the summer, I just compared the NZ batting to India and Aus and Eng. Of course Smith is way out in the lead. Then a thing of beauty happens. Absolute sheer joy. This is almost enough to bring a tear to the eye to anyone who has supported NZ for the past 30 odd years.

    Raval is our only batting passenger of late. And Southee has been out performing the likes of Warner, Bairstow, Rahul, Cook, and even S Curran. Taylor is well under career, but he has never been that fond of Asia, and there has been 5 tests there in his 11 tests. So his low output makes sense. Not noticed by intl media at all, but de Grandhomme and Watling are performing quite impressively.

    I'm not sure if Raval will see the summer through with Young around. I really think Young after smashing the Aussies in the WC warmups should be strongly considered for the Aus leg when fit unless Raval tons up in a big way vs England.

    What is really impressive for me is Southee's contributions. I only in particularly noticed in SL, in the test, and then the t20 warm up match (which cricinfo incorrectly credit to Kuggelieijn, but I watched the game - it was def Southee), that he is finally batting with the talent everyone thought he had from debut, but with clever shot selection too. Then he continued it in the 3rd t20i.

    I'm not by any means suggesting he is an allrounder, nor my ideal choice to bat at 8, but I wouldn't be messing around with a spinner this summer bar SCG test unless the spinning side of Hamilton block is used. But a tail of 7 CdG 8 Southee 9 Wagner 10 Fergo 11 Boult is not so ugly if Southee keeps up his good work.
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    So England will be sending its full strength test team now afterall. But they're resting the multiformat players from the t20, so the likes of Buttler, Archer, Stokes, possibly Root and Bairstow as well. Etc.