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Arugal - Horde
8 27.59%
Arugal - Alliance
3 10.34%
Remulos - Horde
1 3.45%
Remulos - Alliance
4 13.79%
Yojamba - Horde
9 31.03%
Yojamba - Alliance
4 13.79%
Felstriker - Horde
0 0%
Felstrike - Alliance
0 0%
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    GP Forum WoW Classic Poll [Revised]

    So with all the server drama at launch and queues and new servers being added, I thought we should do this poll again.
    I am playing on Arugal Alliance and would like to get more people to chat to!

    So vote on the poll to say where you actually ended up!

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    Arugal Alliance.

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    Yojamba - Horde

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    Blizzard are offering free character transfers off Arugal (to reduce that realm's population, it's always full during peak times) - I'm unsure if you can xfer to a PvE realm though. I'm playing horde there and won't be moving as I've already established a guild + IRL friends have rolled there too.

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    Arugal Horde in guild with RL mate. can see lots of guilds merging come end game

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    Arugal Horde. Decided to wait out the initial queues as I don't want to switch to a low pop server. I want that sweet sweet world PVP.

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    Yer it's good, only 1 hour queues and that only happens after 8ish at night.

    people everywhere.

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    I am tentatively looking for an NZ based guild for chilled dungeons and stuff, anyone know of one?