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    Car inspection: 2018 Honda CRV Sport7 (Auck)


    I'm based in Wellington and made a subject to inspection email offer on a private sale vehicle in Auckland. $33,000.

    It's a 2018 Honda CRV Sport 7 (7 seater).
    1.5L turbo petrol. CVT.
    1 NZ owner, purchased new from Honda New Market. April 2018.
    Has had one service at 8000km
    ~ 2.5 yr service plan and ~3.5 he warranty remaining.

    Can anyone recommend an inspection company in Auckland, maybe one that is more familiar with Honda.

    I've already done carjam, and will request service record / vehicle history notes etc from Honda.


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    Being that new I'd just get Honda to do the ppi on it.

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    What is ppi? Is that car computer analysis?

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    pre purchase inspection

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    is it really necessary to do a ppi on a car thats only a year old, with service plan and warranty?

    sounds like a good price considering its 45k new