Vinyl poised to outsell CDs

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    Vinyl poised to outsell CDs


    That is not something I expected.

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    I do enjoy the ritual of putting a record on, bit of a different experience to streaming. For most music I am really interested in I like to acquire the record and HQ digital if I can get it.

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    Its popularity is causing 2 problems for sure, and its mainly the big labels that so gleefully dismantled and shut down most of the pressing plants in the 90's

    They see the popularity of it coming back so they are rushing out to re-re-re release albums on record, and are trying to price them as high as possible in order to try and get as much profit as they can, obviously its costlier to make them, but its not impossible to see some 2LP albums going for 80 bucks or more - if the prices keep going up, its already an enthusiast format, but eventually the enthusiasts run out of money too

    And the other issue is, the same big names that went to town with a skip in their step shutting down all the pressing plants way back then, are now fighting against everyone else for pressing time and slots in the few, and mostly very old and slow pressing plants still around these days, trouble is they are cashed up so can literally buy their way to the top of the list, and get in first, pushing out smaller labels and artists who have never left vinyl and have been supporting it all along, albeit with small batches and usually indie artists, these ones with the really awesome new music, with a small batch of 500 or 1000 records, are pushed to the back of the 9-12 month waiting list over and over so the big ones can get in with their 20,000 copy order of the quadrouple re release of now thats what I call shithouse Volume 48, because they can pay whatever the plant wants, and will happily do so to push in front of the line, the line they funnily enough created decades ago

    There are new plants being built, with brand new kit and techniques to really make awesome designwork too, so thats great, but it is a slow process from all sides