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    New noise cancelling wireless cans

    Been using the Sennheiser PXC550's for over 2 years now and they're dying outside warranty.
    Tried replacing the battery to no avail and cbf further exploring repairs.

    So what's the new go to options these days?

    The main things I need is: Excellent noise cancelling (Don't want to hear external sounds) and Excellent bass as most of my music is heavy on the bass. I won't go for Sennheiser again - the noise cancelling is not as good as I need and the quality seems to be sub par, I found heaps of other people complaining about the same issues mine has had.

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    bose 700, 1000xm3 or beyer lagoons

    try them all in a store and see what you like?

    erm i totally meant xm3s not xm2 lol
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    Thanks, I'll try those 3. Do any of them have fast charging? I hated trying to use the PXC550 with the charging cable attached and it took forever to charge up.

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    Sony's charge pretty quick afaik

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    YMMV of course depending on your ears , music preference and type of use, but generally the Sony have the better ANC , the Bose have the better sound and the Beyers are the most accurate. Also check the AUDIO-TECHNICA WS990BT which was considered the best in 2018 but the sound has very neutral, no big bass etc. Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless also came out last month? i heard good things but have not had a chance to try them as they are even more expensive that the Sony or the Bose.

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    I found this quick video comparing the differences, quite helpful.

    It does look like these newer headphones have newer usb tech to allow fast charging. Even the newly released PXC550-II doesn't have fast charging and is still mostly using the same ANC as before - not that I'd go Sennheiser again anyway.

    I couldn't find the Audio Technica model.

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    Fair enough wanting something with better ANC. But given how much you use yours, i'd have thought two years was a pretty good run for something run off battery? Unless the quality issues you mention are not just the battery. Love my pair, I just charge them over night.

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    Yeah fair enough - though even just replacing battery became a heck of an issue in itself - had to order one from amazon and eventually found a technician service book on how to replace the battery. But I was never happy with its ANC so it's a good time to move on.

    I ended up with the Sony's. The ANC on these is amazing, even with nothing playing its hard to hear voices etc. As for sound, they are excellent- once I adjusted the equaliser for more bass it was perfect - it's got the bass of the PXC550 but even more clarity, the nuances in the singers voice and instruments is easier to hear and there is extra detail I never heard with the PXC550. The touch controls are much more reactive and accurate as well I found.

    I compared them with some others like the Bose 700 - it had excellent noise cancelling as well - however I found it to be less comfortable and it sounded too flat - not great for bass heavy music and the 700 is not as comfortable as the Sony and it's also not as comfortable as the previous gen QC35.

    I also made sure to lock in 4 years warranty this time
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