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    Perturbator is coming to NZ!

    Awww yusss!!! Who's down for this?

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    Never heard of her bro ^_^

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    Won't be going to the concert but Perterbator is awesome. Future Club is one of my favourite dark synth/cyberpunk songs

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    Never heard of them but put them YT. Cant really describe how I feel about it but like it.

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    I enjoy me some Perturbator, particularly I am the night and Sexualizer, won't be going to the concert but I bet it'll be good.

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    I think I'll go - should be a fun night, and a much heavier show due to there being a live drummer.

    Mac Hater, come up to Hamilton, crash at my place and we'll go up to Auckland for it!

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    That week is literally the worst week of the year for me trying to get leave, I might have to go grovelling to the powers that be....

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    See how you go. I'll go by myself if i have to!!!!