Archeage: Unchained - B2P non P2W version

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    Archeage: Unchained - B2P non P2W version

    Trion Games who were bought out by Gamigo in the last year have decided to relaunch Archeage without the P2W elements. When this game first came out, it was an MMO with really intricate and amazing systems and pulled in millions of players. The first few months of this game before it went P2W were amazing and an experience I've never had in any other MMO, WoW included.

    The relaunch is happening on 15/10/19 and I was wondering if anyone else was going to give it a go.

    More Information Here:

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    Oh wow. Played this when it came out. Some pretty neat ideas in it. But P2W was killer. Getting a solid group and going out on the Boats was a rush, especially when pirates where roaming around ready to plunder while you werent paying attention.

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    I'm hoping that without the P2W it'll be a phenomenal experience. Lot of work being put into it so would be cool if more people checked it out.