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    Bypass Google authentication security

    Hey all,

    I'm at the end of my tether. I've been given a phone that was discarded because it has a dodgy micro usb port and could only be charged via wireless charging pads. Its a Galaxy S6 edge+. I backed up all the previous owners photos, text messages etc but didn't read how to factory reset a phone before I went through the boot menu and factory reset it without erasing previous user data.

    Now, I'm being blocked by google authentication security but I have 2 of the previous owners account details but neither of them work. I went to the Spark store in my town to see if there was something they could do but the guy there said its a common thing for old accounts to still not be recognized.

    I've tried methods like the forced dialer to get in to the setting, I can't do the bypass.apk file upload cause the usb doesn't work, I've tried flashing the android OS but couldnt downgrade it and ended up upgrade it to an unlocked OS, not bound to spark and tried a bunch of other methods. None have worked.

    Is there anyone out there who can help? I've tried to google a method to completely wipe the phone of OS and user data and have to reload a 'new' OS but can't find anything as it all directs me to 'factory reset' instructions.

    any help would be appreciated. TIA

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    Hmmm .... with my Apple devices I always factory reset the phone with my details before I give it to anyone new. It seems as if the person who gave it you did not do that, as it still had their photos and stuff on it.

    I suspect also why it is hard is a security feature, so people cant just steal a phone and clear it themselves and start using it.

    Have you tried taking it to the many mobile repair shops that are around?

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    you can take the device to the Samsung service center in Albany (obtain the receipt from the previous owner) I believe they can remove FRP lock (unsure as to what the cost is)

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    restecp wrote:
    you can take the device to the Samsung service center in Albany (obtain the receipt from the previous owner) I believe they can remove FRP lock (unsure as to what the cost is)
    This is correct. Most manufacturers authorized repairers have the ability to remove FRP locks. So long as you can provide the appropriate proof that you are the legitimate owner of the device, they'll be happy to help.

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    Thanks for your replies guys, I ended up paying for the phone to be forced unlocked. I tried all the accounts the, not 1 but 2 previous owners could think were on the device and had no luck. I doubt the receipt was still available from the 1st owner as she had gifted it to her mum when she got a new phone herself.

    the method used was a push notification sent via text message in the end but the phones firmware had to be slightly altered from what I was told to allow the push notification to appear on the set up screen, wish I knew how to do that.

    so phones unlocked now and fully set up with me using it. its funny that only after I managed to get in to the phone that I discovered that I didn't flash it with a network unlocked version of android, but instead just ended up changing it from a spark android to a 2degrees android haha.

    the whole experience was a great learning curve though, as frustrating as it was.

    cheers for your suggestions