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    Mechanics.. a bit useless these days?

    Cutting long story short, my car was having problems with very rough running/no power in the morning along with transmission shifting poorly/jerking etc - pretty much undriveable.

    I took the car to 3 mechanics, including Toyota and got answers ranging from "No Idea" to "Transmission is going out"

    Today I saw a video from Scotty Kilmer (if you are unaware of him, hes awesome) - this video

    Now I'm not mechanically inclined at all (I can change an air filter... lol) but the issues I was experiencing seemed to match up so I said **** it and went to get some CRC mass airflow sensor cleaner, opened it up, cleaned the sensor and put it back together, super easy.

    The car now runs like new. Idle dropped a tonne, no jittering, no transmission issue, no nothing. Perfect.

    I guess where I'm going with this is, how can 3 separate mechanics, including Toyota, not even think of this? Are most mechanics out there really so poor these days or is this an isolated case?

    Does anybody know a mechanic in Auckland that actually knows what they are doing because I'm definitely looking for a new one now.

    /Rant over

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    So you actually booked a time at these 3 places to have the fault looked at?

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    ITT: He fixed his car himself.

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    Mechanics don't pay the bills by telling you whats wrong with the car when you rock up, they charge for that time. Did you drop the car off or just walk in and ask a question?

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    Yes, there are so many hopeless mechanics out there. This is why i'm extremely fussy about where i take my cars.
    Laziness seems to be a dominant factor, and no attention to detail.

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    one_red_god wrote:
    Mechanics don't pay the bills by telling you whats wrong with the car when you rock up, they charge for that time. Did you drop the car off or just walk in and ask a question?
    "Hey my car is doing funny things, how much to fix?"

    "Depends what is wrong with it, what is it doing?"

    "Yeah but how much?"

    "Bring it in so we can have a look and give you a price."

    "Na I can't do that, I'll try somewhere else."

    This is what people think a Mechanic/ Auto Electrician looks like these days...


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    Kilmer is a ****ing spastic too. Horrible presenter.

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    Triple_S wrote:
    Kilmer is a ****ing spastic too. Horrible presenter.
    I agree.

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    After watching that video and never hearing of the guy before I'd say he's a fantastic presenter. He's passionate about what he's delivering.

    Would watch again.

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    I don't particularity enjoy his presentation style but i can see why some people do, he's certainly more entertainment than knowledge biased. He does simplify some basics for the novices, but he's quite ignorant in a number of areas to say the least to people who know the subject matter. Stereotypical old school mechanic really but with some gloves.

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    Ask around for a mechanic that people trust. It's a shit show out there. I had one place where the guy said it sounded like my brake cylinder was leaking. So I drop it off and then they give it back to me saying they replaced the brake fluid and it was good. It wasn't. So I take it back and then they say they need to change a whole bunch of stuff (not related to the brake cylinder) and it was gonna cost hundreds. I noped out cus from what I'd read it definitely sounded like the brake cylinder. Bought a 2nd hand brake cylinder and had another mechanic fit it. Problem solved.

    These days I have a mechanic who I get on well with and who has never bullshitted me. He costs a bit more, but knows what he is doing.