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    2020 hatchbacks

    What are your guys thoughts on the new Hatchback range for 2020?

    Volkswagen Golf Mk8

    Like: Rear and side lines are cleaner, updated interior and tech, LED lights and digital gauges as standard

    Dislike: Front!!! The headlights sits too low and makes the car look grumpy and sleepy. The design looks like the previs gen Toyota corolla.
    Interior is almost buttonless - volume and climate controls are on a stupid slider. Silly gear stick which is about the size of your thumb...

    Toyota Yaris

    Like: upgraded tech like 10in heads up display as standard, unique styling for an inexpensive car, new platform, new engines (rip trusty old 1nz-fe). Pana roof as an option (EU spec)

    Dislike: I wish they painted the front plastic bumper to match the body colour (like on a ford fiesta).

    Honda Fit

    Like: Really nice interior, type r trim with 1.5L turbo, quite like the new front design amidst all of the angry looking cars (might change)

    Dislike: styling (this could change)
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    2020 and hatchbacks are still not interesting.

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    I still prefer a more sculpted design whereby all the headlights, taillights, grills, etc. all blend into each other.

    e.g. my own BMW 300i M-Sport
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    Modern cars look like each element has its own design head and then they mash it all together.

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    The Jazz weirdly looks about 10 years out of date already!

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    The golf looks like every other golf. I like the Toyota's styling, especially the tail lights, nice design.

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    AnotherLeon wrote:
    The Jazz weirdly looks about 10 years out of date already!
    Seriously this.

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    Other than the headlights, so does the VW.
    Those all look boring, with the Yaris's front looking the best.

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    the golf has got even more boring. I used to really want a mk6, they are fun to drive, but that latest one completely puts me off.

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    anyone who likes the front of that honda should be banned from this forum for life!

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    Its the inside of the jazz thats awesome. Try complaining when with the seats down you have more room than your typical crossover

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    The Yaris reminds me of an odd new Fiat 500. I want a Dacia Sandero.

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    That’s just a (even) shittier version of the first gen Nissan Tiida so just grab one of those instead.

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    Latest Fiesta ST at 35k is very tempting.

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    The last revision of the Honda jazz looks like shit too. Still a great car if you can look past that. Tbh will consider picking one up in a couple of years. Not really into buying the first year or two of a new model - prefer other people to discover any significant flaws first.

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    I can tell you the significant flaw for the current shape Jazz - the infotainment system is hot garbage. You might not think that matters much but you’d be underestimating just how bad it is.

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    Thought they'd improved it mid life?

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