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    Audio sync issues between new 4ktv,soundbar & PS4 Pro

    Hey guys I originally posted this in the 4ktv thread but its really pissing off & I'm at my wits end.

    The issue is when I'm playing the audio from my PS4 to the soundbar (via the TV with ARC) there is a half a second delay for the audio. Funny thing is when I turn Game Mode off the delay disappears.

    Also if I play the audio from the PS4 to the built in TV speakers or my headset there is no delay even with Game Mode turned on.

    When I watch Netflix etc from the TV there is no delay on the soundbar.

    I turned off all the extra processing options in the menu so should be nothing in the background messing around with the signal. I doubt it the HDMI thats connected to the soundbar as everything is fine with Game Mode turned off. I've also messed around with the audio settings on the PS4 to no avail. Both TV & soundbar are Panasonic so I didn't expect there to be any sync issues. The soundbar just doesn't like game mode for some reason lol.

    Any ideas?


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    Optical cable instead of hdmi?

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Optical cable instead of hdmi?
    Yeah tried from the TV to the soundbar and then directly from the PS4 to the soundbar but no luck

    You reckon I should try a new HDMI cable? The current one says high speed though so not sure if it will make a difference.

    Always has to be ****en something whenever I buy something new lol

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    FML I'm a retard lol. Finally got this sorted after wasting half a day. Switching to optical cable actually did the trick. I didn't disable Viera link before so it was still outputting through the HDMI cable Only stink this is I cant control the soundbar with the TV remote now but oh well I'm over this shit so I'll take it lol.