Ubisoft outlines plans to get Ghost Recon Breakpoint back on track

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    I wish I had your open minded opinion of what Ubisoft is up to - given recent events like Anthem's roadmap saying I'm not optimistic is an understatement.

    I am highly dubious that Ubisoft (or many other major game publishers and some developers) is taking player feedback to heart now considering they obviously didn't when implementing the grind-play loop and monetization shown in this title.

    I also don't really see the interconnect between "authentic military experience" and Breakpoint - looting bland ranked weapons and armor, paying for items/improvements/less grind through microtransactions and braindead AI pathing - the list goes on.

    I find it hard to see where this improves on Wildlands now or in the future.

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    Yeah, I'm not quite sure they can fix issues that seem to be at the foundation of the game. I'm still having fun with it in co-op with a buddy, but it's his first console game in over a decade so I'm kind of living vicariously through his excitement.

    They should start by ditching the MTX nonsense...

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    You can guarantee patch 1.03 was already planned and has nothing to do with the negative feedback. They rushed the game and would have had a ton of play testers give feedback long before launch. Its just a case of prioritising the most critical in the limited time allowed and catch up on the rest after release.

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    Bit of a shame really. I quite enjoyed Wildlands and was hoping to pick this up soon. I think I'll hold off for a bit.