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    Need some new headphone ideas

    Used the Audio Technica ATH-M50 for a while, was decent performance wise but got uncomfortable on my large head for long sessions. broke where the headband joins the cups after a year or so

    Now using Beyerdynamic DT770, happy with performance and I'd rate it 7.5/10 for comfort but broke where the headband joins the cups after a year or so. Purchased replacement parts, now those are giving out again.

    Time for an upgrade:
    • Must be super comfy for my large head
    • Must be robust enough so it doesnt ****ing break where the headband joins the cups
    • Subjective performance must equal or better the DT770
    • Must have valour pads

    Not terribly fussed about technical specs or budget (lets not go above $750), main thing is I want good audio and comfort even at 5 hours of continuous use

    Used with my PC's onboard sound

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    You won't find anything thats a lot sturdier than Beyers. If you want to try a different headband design Audio-Technica might be worth a shot. Their earpads are definitely bigger.

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    Phillips Fidelio X2s, currently on sale on Amazon. Comfy for me, better sound quality than the Sein 6XXs. They are quite large though so that may put you off.

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    Looks like exactly what I was after, ordered. churz!