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    - Too many dice rolls breaks continuity and occasional the role-playing itself.
    Do you even lift bro?

    - Is extremely wordy, to the point of being self-indulgent.
    You sure PS:T is your favourite game?

    - Is a niche title even by RPG standards.
    lol wut?

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    Another quality post. Thanks for the feedback.

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    I mean, the rest was fine. Why is being niche a negative?

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    mintyOnion wrote:
    Why is being niche a negative?
    Remember that reviews are written to be read by the general gaming audience.

    Rationale is two-fold.
    - For the people that only care about or read the score and breakdown they'll see a high score for a game labelled as an RPG. And therefore think "Oh I like RPGs" so this is for me. But the RPG genre is much broader than most. So this helps to highlight that this is not Mass Effect, or The Witcher, or most other higher profile RPGs. It's a Caveat emptor.
    - For those that read the review and needed additional clarification the final point is to highlight that expectations need to be set around the games specific feature set. Its a niche - niche title, so will not be as accessible as a result, or will be quite different from anything they played previously. It is a final reminder that the player needs the right mindset/expectation before jumping in.

    So for many/most it is definitely a negative. Or something people need to be aware/warned about. It's not a negative for me personally, but I am not the audience for the review. And while I could have added "could also be an up" that would have been needlessly reductive imo. Anyone who read the review knows that I loved the game. Anyone that didn't would likely be the exact person I added that final point for. There is a reason why it is the very final point.

    Always remember that as critics we are attempting to give people useful information they can use when deciding if they should pick the game up. I also think there is a perception that critics deduct or add points based on the positives and negatives. That's not how it works. We don't work from 10 and subtract points based on how many issues or negative points there are. Its a subjective assessment of the game as a whole, and is at best a rough guide. It isn't maths. Ideally I hope that people read the review in full and know if the game is for them before reading the score and closing statement.

    My recommendation. Don't focus on the score or anything after it. Read the reviews we write in full, and use the 1000 or so words as the real indicator of what we think. The rest is a sadly much-needed simplification or distillation of the whole and as such lacks the nuance and context only the full review can give. The reaction to our Death Stranding review highlights that point as well.
    We need to account for those who only want the quick and dirty, but as they say the devil is in the detail, so that is what people should focus on.

    I hope that clears things up. I won't speak for the other writers at GP, but I take a long time formulate how I should write my reviews, and how best to inform as wide an audience as possible. I do not assume anyone is aware of a game before reading, or is a fan of the genre, or has ever played a game in that genre.

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    Seems like you've compromised to talk about the game the way it deserves in order to accommodate Destiny crowd who wouldn't touch this game anyway. I accept your explanation, but don't agree with it.

    Why is a genuine random dice roll a negative? You do realize failures are often just as good or entertaining, especially in conversations. And for important checks you often can do detective work and up the success rate to super high.
    Sounds like you are pissed for not being able to open that weapons bunker on the beach

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    Nothing has been compromised.
    I am not upset or angry about anything.
    And I understand the game and mechanics... better than you do.
    I tried to explain things, but you still fail to understand and I can't be bothered to waste my time holding your hand any more than I have. And really did try to make things as simple as I could.

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    Some critics sure have a problem with being criticized

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    Bt wrote:
    Some critics sure have a problem with being criticized
    I have no issue with criticism. But misrepresenting me is something else entirely.
    I expect people not to agree with me, but attacking or questioning my integrity as he has done is something else entirely. And alluding that I might not understand something is just another underhanded tactic to undermine an opinion he has an issue with. That isn't criticism, that's being a dick.
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    ChrisB wrote:
    I have no issue with criticism.

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    Just finished my first playthrough today. Easily the best RPG I've played in decades. Also strongly disagree with the common criticisms regarding the final stretch.

    This is not referring to you, Chris, but more so the people ranting on reddit about the ending. People seem to think the game is about the murder case, when it very obviously is not. I really enjoyed the ending, as abrupt as it felt.

    Also, FWIW, I started off with a similar character mold to you with Logic as the signature skill with high Encyclopedia and Visual Calculus, but to be honest that seems like one of the least interesting paths in the game. As such, I segued into a mix of Conceptualisation, Shivers, Esprit de Corps and Inland Empire. Having only finished one playthrough and lacking some frame of reference to other potential builds, I would say that those skills in particular were significantly more interesting than the Intelligence based skillset.

    What a great game, 10/10 for me and will definitely run through at least once more.

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    I agree with your review ChrisB, seems like a fair and accurate assessment of the game.

    The dice rolls can sometimes be extremely gamey and ruin suspension of disbelief. I've seen 92+% rolls fail and lock out entire questlines, which is pretty shitty from a gameplay perspective, especially given the balance of skills-to-content in the game.

    I like that the review touched on something I haven't seen mentioned much, but became very apparent on multiple playthroughs: the illusion of choice. A fair number of the "choices" in this game have no meaningful consequences/differences and are really just the illusion of choice.

    I also don't see how anybody can argue with a straight face that it isn't a niche game. It's basically a wordy interactive novel with a few dice rolls influenced by skill points. To 99% of gamers, who skip through dialog in action-rpgs, it wouldn't even count as a game.

    Definitely still a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed though.

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    Excellent review Chris!

    I know it wont be the most ideal way to play, but I can't wait to pick it up on console next year. Do you think it'll play ok with a gamepad?

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    - Not quite as smart at is thinks it is
    i see what you did there.