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    m8 if you're trying to get into swinging, no one's gonna be impressed by an inflatable spa

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    Think of anything in life, where there's one version, which is made strong, to last. And another version, which is disposable. Where on that spectrum would you like your spa experience to sit?

    For me, seems like something you'd buy, use once, maybe twice, generally be underwhelmed, and leave it in the garage forever.

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    If you want a spa pool get a real one

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    My friend bought one, because he is a consumer of relentless proportions.
    I haven't jumped in it but I've seen people in there quite enjoying themselves.
    Seems like a solid option if you don't want to deal with building it in.
    If you really like it then you know what to save your pennies for.

    It's heading into its second swedish winter now, and he's got two little kids. Perhaps not indestructible, but not exactly a flimsy pos either.

    Personally I'd build it all proper like. But that's not always an option though is it.

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    It's like sharing a bath with people who haven't showered for a while.

    Having said that, it'd probably be OK to share one with Sophie Turner.

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    You get what you pay for. The pump and filtration systems on these spas are complete garbage; they use 6-12 sqft filters that are cheap and nasty, compared to the average spa which will have one or more 45-50 sqft filters that are actually decent. The pump is rated to 1325L/hr; a decent spa circulation pump will be rated to 7-9,000L/hr (a Laing E14, for example, is 9,000L/hr at only 115W). They don't have ozone generators, so you're forced to use way more sanitiser to keep the water clean. Unless you're shelling out for hydrogen peroxide you're stuck with either chlorine that is not designed for spa usage (dichlor/trichlor since lithium hypochlorite went out of production a few years back) or bromine/chlorine compounds that can be incredibly harsh on skin if you don't balance it just right. The chlorine thing is actually very important, because trichlor/dichlor add stabiliser to the pool water that decrease the efficiency of your chlorine massively over time.

    These systems are really only one season of use kinds of a deal. If you don't bust the shell, the pump will probably go because they're cheap crap. Or you'll have an absolute nightmare trying to keep it clean because the filters are totally inadequate and most people don't care to test the water as much as they should.

    (As you can tell, I work in the pool and spa industry. The proliferation of cheap crap is real, and while it sounds good on paper, its the maintenance of these things that will kill you. Proper pool equipment costs money, and inflatable stuff is the worst kind of crap. That's not to say there aren't intelligent decisions you can make about equipment that can save you money, but asking a professional who knows a thing or two will bring out all the nightmare stories about these kinds of things.)

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    Flash gits.All you need is 2 cans of baked beans and a $40 Warehouse inflatable pool.Theres your fancy spa.

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    Priests and Cannibals wrote:
    Flash gits.All you need is 2 cans of baked beans and a $40 Warehouse inflatable pool.Theres your fancy spa.
    haha good one m8

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    Priests and Cannibals wrote:
    Flash gits.All you need is 2 cans of baked beans and a $40 Warehouse inflatable pool.Theres your fancy spa.
    What about the heat?.

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    Ever had a cold fart ?

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    no, but i'm sure a dead person has.

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    Well then,unless you are having a spa with zombies you should be able to keep the heat up.I would imagine having a spa with zombies would become more like sitting in a stew after abit.But you do you cuz.

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    From my experience, exy to run compared to the more expensive units. You get what you paid for.

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    t0mby wrote:
    Get out.

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    w0lfbrains wrote:
    Get out.
    You're not my dad, can't tell me what to do.

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    I've been tempted to get one of these. I assume you still have to follow council fence regulations?