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    Get in my DeLorean and go back in time and kill Miles Dyson, thus Cyberdyne never even being a thing, and therefore no Terminators

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    My cardio isn't what it once was, and I hate running in public, So I'd go back in time and use contraception to prevent the birth of the future resistance leader, and not make myself such a target-!!!

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    Have Tony Stark build a time machine to go back in time and recover the infinity gems then snap his fingers bringing the Terminator franchise into the Marvel universe...

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    TBH, i probably wouldn't be able to. I would just pin all hope on hearing "Corinne, come with me if you want to live". I feel certain i would be that lucky! If that fails to happen, The Dr would save me in his/her Tardis and i would start a whole new adventure. Yep, sounds solid.

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    I'd convert my Alexa dot into an EMP device and short circuit that fool

    Use his carcass as a birdhouse.

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    This movie is the epitome of Go Woke, Get Broke.

    Total box office flop, on track to make a loss of $120 million USD

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    ^ So your way to stop Terminator is via bankruptcy?

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    GeneralZod wrote:
    I'd convert my Alexa dot into an EMP device and short circuit that fool

    Use his carcass as a birdhouse.
    That is a solid idea!

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    Use Burger King free wifi to upload a virus, like how they take down the mothership in Independence Day.

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    GeneralZod wrote:
    ^ So your way to stop Terminator is via bankruptcy?
    Why not

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    Give 'em the ol' shiv-in-the-eye .

    They wont see me coming!

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    Simple, I'll have a mot built around my house and make the water electrified.

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    I'll stand in the corner with a lamp shade on my head.

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    Magnets! Big giant electromagnets.

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    Use the kids usual traps to slow him down. Lego blocks across the floor, skateboard laying in the hallway and left over jam sandwiches making a slick. Once hes off balance then a face full of paint to blind him. Then escape while hes busy.

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    I would move house. I would go and live in a pineapple under the sea.

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    Try set a crushing trap (T1 when the hydraulic press thing squashes the terminator) not much you can do besides have a gun stash ready primarily of explosives (grenade launcher to try and disable terminator. Will not be of any use if it is a t1000 best thing you can do is have a vehicle ready loaded with weapons with sensors and cameras operating around where you are based and as soon as there is a sign of a terminator drive away as fast as possible with guns ammo and food until the next place you can reload again.

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    Change my personal details so that when the terminator tries to find out where I live they end up going to the wrong place.

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    I would relocate to Gore. They'll never want to come get me there.

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    dress up as a transformer

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    Hire my distant cousin to defend against any Terminator attack.

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    The first thing thay sprung to my mind is Chucky ( latest film hes got AI).. Defend my house in conjunction with Chucky.. Yes hes a slasher but having chucky run around trying to.take on the Terminator in conjunction with the usual heavy weapons would make for an interesting scenario.. Make it clear to Chucky to wreck the Terminstors cpu

    Otherwise If i had time to prep and unlimited funds maybe an area in the property with radiation..
    Robots at Chernobyl broke down so lead the Terminator to an area in the house with heavy radiation .. would also make sure had lead shielding area in house.

    Amazing prize by the way would LOVE this.......

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    I'd borrow jon snows dragon Rhaegal make sure hes well fed carry some beef jerky for me and fill some huge saddle bags with orbs of acid a huge nerf gun and just play paint the terminators with metal eating acid now even if I just aimed for their eyes its a bit hard from them to see where they are going and then Rhaegal can melt their nasty sliver bodies

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    Get the mad Mother In Law to answer the door - He'd scream and run like a little girl!!