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    Recommended plans for open incoming ports or fixed ip

    I used to have dynamic IP with duckdns and some open ports for letsencrypt web services, however 2 degrees have now put me behind a cgnat.

    Just wondering what plans people recommended for public ip address without cgnat.

    I had a look at the options for fixed IP plans including the fixed IP fee (either one off or monthly fee) with a 12 month term including the discount for 12 month term.

    950/500 Speed

    - BigPipe - $109/mo. ($327-45= $282 credit)

    - Stuff- $90/mo ($270-50 = $220 credit)

    - 2Degrees - $120/mo ($200 credit) --> However first year is only charged at $95/mo

    100/20 Speed

    - BigPipe - $79/mo ($237-45= $192 credit)

    - Stuff - $80/mo ($240-50 = $190 credit)

    - 2Degrees - $95/mo ($200 credit).

    If you have a mobile phone plan with 2degrees already then it's $10/mo cheaper.

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    I rock the BigPipe $79 plan (albeit 200/20 because CHCH area) with fixed IP, have done so for three years now without an issue. At the time the plan was the cheapest (or at least close to it) but the one of fixed IP sealed the deal for me. I spent a while trying workarounds to get access to NAS at home for security with no luck. Got the fixed IP setup and it all worked instantly, live and learn.

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    I was with Bigpipe 100mb + fixed IP and I chose it because of the flat $40.

    I am now with Stuff Fibre gigabit + fixed IP and I chose it because of the flat $50 static IP, extraordinarily cheap gigabit Fibre compared to everyone else, and first 4 months free if you sign up via Broadband Compare.

    For me it was either:
    Stay with BigPipe 100mb, $80/m*12 = $960
    Upgrade to Bigpipe 1Gb, $110/m*12 = $1320
    Move to Stuff 1Gb, $90/m*12 = $1080 - 90*4 + 50 = $770

    So saved $190 in the first year upgrading to gigabit, or $550 vs moving to Gigabit with Bigpipe.

    I didn't consider anyone else because I refuse to pay monthly for a static IP.

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    I'm leaning towards stuff low speed plan BC if I want to go high speed then it's cheaper than bigpipe.

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    Stuff Fibre are effing terrible. Parents were with them for 4 months and experienced constant outages which disappeared the moment they switched to 2 Degrees while using the same router. Just look at their Google reviews of other customers reporting similar issues.

    I would never sign up with anyone other than Spark (incl Skinny or Bigpipe), 2degrees or Vodafone personally as every other provider cheaps out on network capacity, international bandwidth, etc.

    You can try asking 2degrees to give you a static IP for free and explain how CGNAT is affecting you, a few people on Geekzone have been able to successfully.

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    I got a free fixed IP from 2 degrees, so decided to stick with them for now.

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    I would suggest go for Big Pipe

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    2Degrees, ring em up with something technical and their eyes don't glaze over. e.g. "I have a static v4 IP, I need a v6 address as well"... sorted in a couple of minutes.