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    Shipping Large Box AUCK-WGTN ( 43kg 50 x 61 x 61 cm )

    I need to ship a large carton box from Auckland to Wellington, could pick up and drop off at both depot.

    Dimensions are 500 x 609 x 609 mm and weight is 43kg.

    I've emailed main freight & PackSend, any other suggestions?
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    It’s a body isn’t it

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    can't say.

    actually don't need help now I had been trying to get quotes for 500 cm instead of 500 mm. derp derp. only ~$110, depot to depot seems ok.

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    fwiw it's normally the same price depot to depot as depot to door (anecdotal with mainfreight, prob <$100 via them too unless they put prices up)

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    you can get a quote online btw

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    $220 door to door actually. The box is too big for the sender to drop off in his car to the depot, and the depot isn't open in the Weekend so had to do door to door.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to just chuck ya missus on a bus or plane rather than shipping her?