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    Ceiling speakers for rears in 5.1

    Looking for budget speakers as only for occasional movie watching, about 1.5m behind couch. WAF wants unobtrusive rears! Directional tweeters required I reckon

    Budget of $300, anyone heard of the Earthquake brand circa $200 a pair?


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    Could work. Lots of people set small rears up at ceiling height.

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    That’s what I reckon, not as good as wall mounted small rears but good enough

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    What about in wall speakers? Pretty discrete.

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    Ceilings are great for rears. Don't need to spend much if they are supported by a sub. I'd go directional. Haven't heard that brand.

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    Have a sub already

    Any brand recommendations in the budget category

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    Kef e301 be good on a wall I think. Maybe you can snag some used ones for about $1-200 for a pair.

    The Kef Jensen speakers look quite heavy and are cheap from jbhifi for only $200 or $300 per pair with 6.5" or 8" woofer. They are not directional and are wall speakers but for your budget I imagine they will be very good on a wall.

    Monitor audio makes some nice in wall speakers that are directional probably need to up your budget slightly for them.