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    I'm so excited! Cant wait to see what 4.0 is going to be like.

    I like how news on the most successful game from NZ has no comments from the biggest gaming website in NZ.

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    wait...PoE 2?

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    Kog wrote:
    wait...PoE 2?
    yes it's 4.0

    looks kinda similar to the overwatch2 mess though

    poe for mac and mobile is just lol
    supporting mac over linux is also a bit weird

    otherwise new league looks decent, hoping the expansion looks good after the gameplay streams later on...

    i'd hate to be working on diablo4 right now...

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    Abo wrote:
    supporting mac over linux is also a bit weird
    Because Linux is the average consumer OS equivalent of Antarctica, next to nobody uses it. There's next to zero potential ROI there.

    No OS that requires you to compile your own software in a lot of instances is EVER going to gain mainstream traction, that's the reality.

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    looks much improved in smooth gameplay and visuals, the lighting effects , textures etc.

    will be keen to try it again