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    I'm really not bothered at all by foster, always thought hes been a decent coach and has his head screwed on. Think it was a good appointment

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    Meh if it goes that bad he'll get the chop in two years when Gatland is done with the Lions.

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    Iíll put my money on the table. I think this will be a disaster and heíll be gone before the next World Cup.

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    Hopefully he's gone before the RWC, was a dreadful ****in' appointment, doesn't make any sense, said earlier in the thread was really worried about the idiots they had on the panel... Hansen didn't have much insight & Foster has definitely got a lot less insight than him, bet the other countries are really glad Robertson didn't get the job, again what an insane decision to appoint Foster.

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    But you keep telling us the coach doesn't really matter anyway with the pool of players we have so you'd obviously not be too worried right?

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    I don't know what the selectors see in Foster. As Head Coach; Foster only has a 53.5% win rate and 0 titles vs Robertson's 83.4% and 6 titles...

    Now other countries will benefit by having better NZ coaches.

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    he did nothing with the chiefs and in his final 2 years they finished 10th and 11th, i think, and then Rennie took over with much the same squad and won the competition the following year,

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    I'm pretty sure he will do just right. We'll see what the future holds...

    Can't wait to see the new All Blacks starting XV next year though, should be good.

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    DOGZILLA wrote:
    But you keep telling us the coach doesn't really matter anyway with the pool of players we have so you'd obviously not be too worried right?
    Have never said the coach doesn't really matter, basically said whoever the coach is it's a big plus for them to have so much great depth... need a coach that's selects the right squad, has the man management skills to get the best out of each individual, analyse the game well, strategies etc, reckon Foster really struggles with all those things, everyone I've talked to didn't want him selected as head coach.

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    These are the two main reasons they gave for selecting Foster as head coach, both very weak :

    1. Continuation... a fair way out building up to the RWC their overall planning, tactics etc were poor & said that ages ago, why the hell would anyone want a continuation ?

    2. Coaching Staff... Foster selected John Plumtree, Grant Fox, Scott McLeod & Greg Feek he kept Fox & McLeod from the old staff, the only one of them that might be of any value is Greg Feek as scrum coach, have plenty of confidence in the players, but clearly not in this coaching staff.

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    Foster has also added Brad Mooar to his coaching staff & the NZRU had to buy him out of his contract from a Welsh club, makes 6, that's over a third of a rugby starting team, what a laugh... suppose they'll select another bloke soon so he can specialize on lacing up the ABs boots in the dressing room so they don't have to bend down in case they pull a hammy