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    Pixel density on a monitor versus tv?

    Hi everyone,

    So basically are they the same? I'm interested in a 35 inch 1080p monitor. However I've read articles that advise against a monitor larger than 32 inch because of the low pixel density. But the family has a 43 inch 1080p tv that I think looks fine. As far as my untrained eye can tell everything looks sharp and crisp. I think it should be fine but I just want to check in case there's some other factor I'm loverlooking.

    I'll be using it with my PS4 exclusively, not a PC and I'm sitting about three feet from it in my living room, not on a desk.

    Thanks everyone.

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    If it looks fine to you, it's fine. People with 4k screens and 1440P screens will shun you and say it's shit. But as someone who has two 1080P monitors, 34" ultrawide and 27" (same pixel density), I find the pixel density perfectly fine. Google suggests PS4 isn't actually 1080P anyway, it's lower. So until you get a PS4 Pro for example, the monitor will be fudging the resolution to 1080P anyway. At three feet away you're not going to be seeing pixels. I sit two feet from my monitor (approx) and don't have a problem.

    Which monitor are you looking at? my 34" is ultrawide so has the same pixel density due to the extra size actually being more pixels on the width, not a stretched 1920x1080P image. If the 35" is 1920x1080P then that is starting to get up there. But go try one out, see how it looks and go from there. I'm not sure that TV's and monitors have the same pixel setup. So would recommend viewing in person.

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    I have a Titan army 1440p 31.5 inch and it's def blurry. It's more about dpi though I think

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    I've never understood looking at pixel density in isolation. It's more about viewing distance, which I think is a better metric to use.

    So for example, you say 35 inch 1080p has a low density. Yes it's true, but it's only a problem if you sit close to the screen. Sit 1 meter away and it will look good.

    The worst screen I've come across for using at close range is the Samsung C49HG90DME. It's 49 inches with just slightly more pixels than normal 1440p. It looked awful, just awful... but if you sit 2 meters back, then it looks good

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    Thanks everyone. The one I'm considering is the Philips Momentum 35, 356M6QJAB/75, assuming I can turn Ambiglow off.

    I'm looking for a place I can go and actually view it but I might end up having to make a leap of faith and buy it online so I'm trying to find out everything I can about it.