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    Backlight bleed issue?

    So I think my new Sony X80G has a backlight bleed issue but not 100% sure as it might be IPS glow instead.

    I only notice it if the image is very dark and there is no ambient light so 90% of the time its not an issue. It does take up quite abit of the screen in the corners. If I adjust my viewing angle it becomes less noticeable.

    When I do a backlight bleed test in the dark I notice it in the corners but its kind of cloudy and not that bright. When I open all the curtains and brighten up the room I don't see any backlight bleed at all.

    Do you guys think this is a backlight bleed issue or just IPS glow? When I was playing Outlast 2 in the dark it did hamper the experience a bit.

    Should I bother RMA'ing it or am I just being paranoid? After going through the rigmarole of returning the 2 Panasonics I'm not really keen on going through that shit again. Also if I take it back and they test it I have a feeling they won't think its bad enough to warrant an RMA.


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    Light bleed is common for these types of panels. My IPS gaming monitor does the same thing - at night if I turn the lights off and put a black image on the screen I can see light bleed all along the edges of the panel.

    I don't think it's an defect that you can RMA, but rather just a feature of the panel technology.

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    I've done a RMA on 3 Sony panels a few years ago due to back light bleed after the 3rd i went to a Sammy panel and it did the same so gave up as I realized its just a shortcoming of these types of panels, every other Led/lcd I've owned has the same shortcoming so its just part and parcel with lcd unfortunately.

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    yeah I tend to agree with you guys. Not going to worry about it now. Just seems like one of the drawbacks of LCD's so will just have to live with it.


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    RIP Plasma TVs

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    B|ind-Reaper* wrote:
    RIP Plasma TVs
    It's called OLED now, except now they are as thinner than the latest phones and a fraction of the weight compared to plasma sets.

    But for nostalgia purposes, you can still buy a Plasma if you want one:

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    Man I'd love to get an OLED if they had 50 inch models. Anything bigger won't fit in my tiny ass bedroom lol.