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    Once upon a time in Hollywood

    My god what a boring as **** movie

    I get its kinda like a character study but everything felt like it had no purpose, almost every scene had me asking why show this when it means nothing. No character arcs, just 2.5hrs of boring ****en rambling.

    I was sooo sooo keen to watch this and my god, probably the biggest disappointment in movies for me ever, I can't be the only one who feels this way

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    Yeah, unless you're a massive genre film nerd like Tarantino is, you're probably not going to appreciate everything before the ending climax. Pretty much the same mindset needed to connect with Kill Bill Vol. 2.

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    I like the genre of 'folks doing things' and the twist on the Manson family was kind of enjoyable. QT has a foot thing, we know this. Now we REALLY know it.

    60s Hollywood looked mint tho

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    I disagree. Found this suspenseful - didn't read anything prior to watching so didn't realise the timeline until Sharon Tate was mentioned in the film. Almost switched off as didn't want to see that ending so was pleasantly surprised at the 'twist'.

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    I'm with the OP. The movie looked great, had a good soundtrack and was well acted.

    The only thing missing was a compelling story. It never seemed to go anywhere and was about an hour too long.

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    Turned it off halfway through - was bored as, nothing was happening...