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    200mm fan build?

    Since generally the larger a fan size, the more air that can be pushed at a lower RPM, thus lower dBA? Wouldn't a case that supports the most 200mm fans be the best to supply the most airflow at the lowest noise level?
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    There is a big tradeoff in static pressure, so with any obstructions or against a heatsink 200m fans are meh.

    You wont get much of a benefit, if any off going for a high quality 140mm quiet fan like a Noctua and are super limited in cases with 200mm fan support.
    Get the right 120mm /140mm fans and you will be at the background noise floor anyway.

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    So merely concerned about noise levels, case of 140mms over case of 200mms, even if no obstructions?

    Noctua have 200mm fans.

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    Noctua fans are really quiet anyway. Even if noise is a concern you'd still be better with high quality 140mm fans and controlling the speed. 200mm is not popular for a reason.

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    I appreciate the feedback.

    Anymore is welcome.

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    Just get a 200mm Noctua fan

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    I had a corsair 650D which came with a 200mm fan. Seemed to work ok, but it wasn't the only fan in the case...

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    mofozilla wrote:
    Just get a 200mm Noctua fan
    That was my original plan, though this thread has made me think otherwise.

    Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm
    300 - 1500 RPM
    13.8 - 24.6 dB
    52 - 82.5 CFM
    1.51 - 2.08 mm H2O

    Noctua NF-A20 PWM 200mm
    550 - 800 RPM
    10.7 - 18.1 dB
    59.3 - 86.5 CFM
    0.51 - 1.08 mm H2O

    So, with the 200mm on the low setting you can achieve 3.1dB lower and +7.3 more CFM (even though +250 more RPM), though 1 less mm H2O of static pressure.

    Then I'm thinking, due to the lower static pressure of the 200mm you will need to turn it up to achieve the same cooling as the 140mm, but then I'm guessing you lose that 3.db lower advantage.
    I mean, the 200mm on the highest setting gets you 1.08 mm H2O static pressure which is still well under the lower setting of the 140mm, 1.5 mm H2O.
    Thus you will be at 18.1db on the 200mm compared to 13.8 db on the 140mm yet still be 0.42 mm H2O static pressure lower.

    From a purely noise level aspect, I think the 200mm wins, right? But is this just silly since cooling will be significantly impaired and ironically you could theory that you would need less total 140mm usage among all 140mm fans to achieve the same cooling yet less dB (since higher static pressure)?
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    Most cases will support 140mm fans which is big enough. Case design is more important than fan size, MUCH more important. I think I run 3 140mm Noctua fans running at 7v or something in the front of my case, cool as.

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    Those noise differences are so small they're basically irrelevant.....

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    Done it with 250mm fans....
    Still works good.

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    Best large fans would be Silverstone 180mm Air Penetrators. Equivalent to Noctua at same RPM with much better directed airflow.

    RVZ02/FT02 is still the best air cooled case IMO and it supports a 540mm rad. 180mm AP pushing air strait at the vertical PCI-E slots is perfect.Name:  IMG-2857.jpg
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