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    Septic tank drama

    Hi All,
    One of our properties has an old septic tank (age - unknown but very likely to be at least 20 years old). Normally, in a septic tank system, there is a soakage treatment area (where effluent from the septic tank is discharged to) for treatment. Unfortunately, it seems our septic tank does not have one so we need to install one.
    We received a quote back for the following system: *
    * Install a distribution box
    * dig two holes (about 1m in diameter and 6 meters deep), the holes are lined with plastic
    * put concrete riser on the existing tank access hole
    * Cover the groundThe distribution box will split the effluent outflow to the two holes to soak away.*
    Total cost of the job: $10,500.00 incl gst*
    In addition, we have already spent $1,100.00 for a digger to dig around the garden to expose the existing tank and we also will need to pay another $1000.00 to empty the septic tank before the work can begin.*

    The price quoted above is quite steep, given a brand new septic tank system installation for about $10K excl GST*
    Then again I don't know much about it and I cannot find much information regarding pricing. I'll get more quotes but in the meantimes would appreciate any additional info.

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    There's a limited quantity of people that want to handle shit, so they can price things healthy.

    The price between new and retrofit is about the same because there's more labour involved with the retrofit.

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    Seems like the new install uses trenches rather than deep holes? Cheaper to dig a trench than bring in specialist drilling gear. If you have the space for, four 19m trenches as per the example, perhaps you do have more options. I paid around 5k all up for a single soak pit for my stormwater. So I'm not sure how steep, as you mention, 10k is for that retro fit. Get three quotes so you have a better idea.

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    Would it be possible for Egor to simply sell one of his yachts to fund this endeavour?

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    why do you need to do this work?