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    Clean install Windows 10 on new SSD?

    Hi, I have Windows 10 installed on a HDD, updated from Windows 7 or 8 (can't remember).

    Am I able to clean install this Windows 10 onto a new SSD?


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    You should be able to but just in case log into your microsoft account on the existing install and attach the key to your account.

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    Thanks for directing me to the right place. According to this page, it's linked:

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    and steps for clean install

    yes, windows 10 updated from 7 or 8 works

    Edit - Ended up using the Media Creation Tool
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    You've already got your answer but since this is kind of relevant... A couple of weeks ago I bought an SSD for my laptop from 2011 that was still running Windows 7. Did a clean install of Windows 10 on the SSD and Windows 10 activated "with a digital licence" using the Windows 7 product key from the OEM sticker on the bottom of the laptop

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    Do I need to install drivers other than gpu driver after clean install? Like mobo?

    Apparently these are my mobo driver options

    Device driver says my "High Definition Audio Device" drivers are dated at 4/09/2019 if that means anything.

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    Well does your sound work? If it does, don't worry about adding more drivers. Only add drivers where devices are unknown and that sort of thing.