Orcon CSGO Faceit

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    Orcon CSGO Faceit

    So I recently swapped from 100 Fibre Spark connection to the Orcon up to 900 plan, I average over 500.

    I am now getting packet loss on the CSGO Faceit servers. Between 4 percent and 8 percent normally.

    Apparently they are hosted here: https://www.hiperz.com/hiperz_latency.php

    hiperz_test1.txt <- My test I ran.

    Any idea what is going on or does anyone else have the same issues?

    I am playing from Whakatane and my speeds on tests are fine and no worries in other games.

    (I am currently waiting on feedback from both those places but was curious to see if anyone here knew anything)

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    lol @ using orcon for gaming

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    I think I found your problem.... 'NF18ACV'

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    nzbleach wrote:
    lol @ using orcon for gaming
    Didn't know they were bad?

    Where is this info displayed?

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    Would this issue also affect Slingshot?

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    Aelexe wrote:
    Would this issue also affect Slingshot?
    Yes, Orcon and Slingshot use the same network.

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    Yo Spoot!

    I think names like Orcon, Slingshit, Woosh and Bigpipe have been condemned as bad ISPs - especially for gaming.

    Not sure what access you have up north (but seems you can get Fibre?)

    Could always give the likes of Vodafone HFC Max a go, I just moved to their plan for $73 a month plus a bunch extra.
    So far I have been highly impressed at both the constant high speed and no drops.

    I think Skinny (Old ISP for me) and MyRepublic (Just from word of mouth) are not too bad either.