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    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    This actually looks....good. Solid cast and the og cast is in it too. Might actually end up being a solid film.

    The international trailer has different footage.

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    Of everything in both versions the thing that has me more interested than anything is the closed mine sign which says Shandor mining company.... there is a big tie to the original and why someone like Egon would buy an old house in the middle of nowhere for any reason. Also I am guessing like they took the station's containment unit and buried it? Although the return of the terror dogs also is very interesting also. I'm not entirely yet sold on the tone (getting major ghostbusters meets Super 8 vibes) but I'm curious enough. And the fact they also did this whole trailer without showing a single older cast member has to mean something (aside from Venkman's line well pulled from the original film of course).

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    Looks great ! Has tie in to the original stuff which we love etc

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    Solid teaser, I like the node to 'real ghostbusters' with the gunners seat on ecto 1.

    Yeah I assume egon hide the containment unit there, but also wonder about the terror dog.

    I'll happily see it based off that trailer.

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    Oh yesssssss!

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    Who's directing?

    Looks Michael bayish.

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    Jason Reitman, the son of the guy who directed ghostbusters

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    I had the same obvious impression that everybody else had:- The trailer feels like a new season of Stranger Things.

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    Needs cheesy 80's theme song tbh