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    Bang for buck consumer router

    Hiya gp family,
    Need some urgent advice on router. My fibre connection failed on Sunday morning, and trying to troubleshoot the problem.
    Sparks "fix my internet" tool says there is an outage in my area, and calling up they have confirmed there are currently connection issues present.
    But I've also checked all my cabling etc. And I think the WAN port maybe busted. Everything else works fine, WiFi works, the 4 lan ports all work just no internet connection from the ont to WAN port
    Does anyone have a spark Huawei router I can borrow to test or buy for cheap? Alternatively can someone suggest a consumer brand \ model that I can look for on trademe to buy immediately?


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    I think you can connect direct to the ONT, try that.

    Are you saying the ONT is showing that a connection is live?

    Sounds to me like a problem outside of your property. Based purely on the fact you say outage in your area, and they have said there are connection issues.