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    Cheap audio upgrade

    So I bought a shitbox ae100 rolla for doing dirt skids in and use as a runabout since the lexus and mx5 are shithouse on gas for short trips.

    I have this spare

    Car currently just has im guessing stock front speakers and some sony coaxials in the rear, with a cheap sony HU.

    Whats the cheapest way to have something sounding ok. Are 6x9s still rubbish, or acceptable? or do i just have to get some cheap components and a small sub?

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    I've spend big money on speakers over the years and honestly I would fit 6x9s if that's what the factory location was for, otherwise I wouldn't. I don't think 6x9s are much worse than the round equivalent however with high end speakers there often just isn't a 6x9 option.

    This guy is selling some Clarion speakers, they are literally a Hertz Hi Energy speaker with Clarion badges

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    Yeah I've had decent stuff in the past but just want some cheap easy bass. It doesn't have 6x9 holes but I can make spacers, it would be easier than a small sub and I won't lose boot space if I need it.

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    6x9's are cheap and cheerful, tis what I plan to run, a pair I got from pick a part.

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    I'm no expert but I would have through some good 6.5 or similar (if possible) for the front and some cheap 6x9s for fill and bass in the rear would be the go

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    Yeah thats likely what ill do, i have some infinity components in the mx5 i could pull out since thats mostly relegated to competition use now. And pair it with some 2way 6x9s.