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    CPU heatsink orientation?

    Should the cpu cooler fan face the ram or video card?

    Finding some conflicting results.

    Better to face the video card

    Better to face the video card if blower gpu, but better to face the ram if open gpu

    Better to face the ram

    Difference can be as much as 5c

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    Probably depends on your case and fan config. I'd imagine the best way to find out is to test your own setup in a few different configs.

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    Yeah that ^^

    Post a photo of your setup if you want an idea

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    Depends entirely on the fan set up within your case. If you have front and rear fans, then you want the air to flow front to back. This is the most traditional and common configuration.

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    That article doesn't seem right, 4 degrees difference is alot -way too much to be attributed to fan orientation. I suspect it was more to do with the seating of the heatsink.