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    Home surveillance system

    Due to an ongoing family violence incident I'm looking for some sort of discreet home surveillance system I can install.

    I would quite like something that can record audio, is accessible over wi-fi, could back up to cloud storage and could record during night conditions.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Netgear Arlo, piece of piss to install, decent image and featureset for the price.

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    Yeah we've got the Arlo Ultra and very happy with it, but the Pro 2 would be more than adequate

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    The cheapest option I can see on Noel Leeming is $899 which is far out of my price range and looks like it would be noticed, I get that NL isn't a cheap place to look, but am I shit out of luck if I don't have much cash to scrape together? Probably a max of $300

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    If you're going to buy something it has to be half decent. Try getting the first gen Arlo hard to find but.

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    Thanks, I'm thinking I'm shit out of luck as we have a very limited budget and need it urgently because shit is getting violent and erratic.

    And also need something stealthy so that he doesn't pick up on it, otherwise he'll adapt around it and find new ways to get away with assaulting us.

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    Where is the confrontation occurring? If it's just at the front door, set up a Ring video doorbell?

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    Both inside and off the property, he'll take my mom outside of the property to assault her sometimes (usually when I'm home) so would like cameras catching those spots (it's really complicated, but not simply a matter of not answering the door, or calling police).

    Most recent one he assaulted me and forced his way in at the front doorway, would quite like one there that can record audio (so it's not obvious to him I'm recording audio on my phone), but also need ones in other places like in the kitchen in case he threatens me with a jug of boiling water or goes for the knives.

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    So I feel like there are better options than putting up cameras eh. e.g. depending on the specifics change the locks, take out a restraining order, women's refuge, stay with a friend, move house

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    It's really complicated, idk if I've posted the context before but can via PM, protection orders are out of the question, cops don't care when he breaches a PSO, protection orders don't work when you're against someone rich and you're destitute, women's refuge is temporary, she has no friends left because of this shit.

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    bradc wrote:
    If you're going to buy something it has to be half decent. Try getting the first gen Arlo hard to find but.
    First gen is non rechargable batteris afaik

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    Is there anything that could be DIY'd?

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    Whenever he comes round, can you start live-streaming him on Facebook or something, so itís going out and already available. Donít have to share with anyone but tell him you are doing it and then each and every time he turns up start it again instantly. Tell him what you are doing and why and if anything kicks off you have that as evidence?

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    I'm already audio recording, but I really don't want him to figure out that I'm recording and collecting evidence or he'll just adapt.

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    Gesellschaft wrote:
    Is there anything that could be DIY'd?
    Yeah xiaomi cameras are dirt cheap (<$20) and can be set up for automatic recording but need a microsd card. There's probably a hacky way of doing it via Home Assistant or IFTTT too.

    Alternatively you could run on your PC and use a USB webcam or wireless IP camera(s), and set it to email a copy of the footage when movement is detected.

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    TBH it sounds like the police really need to be involved.
    If he is breaking a PSO thats an instant arrest, unless he is invited over.
    Might pay to get some advice at least from places like Womens Refuge as shit like this only escalates and can end in murders, suicides and murder suicides.
    If you have an active PSO and he turns up, take a pic to prove it and call 111, explain you have a PSO and the guy is here and getting either verbally or physically abusive, it should get pushed up the priority list and he will get to spend the night in the cells.
    Sadly this shit is all too common and doesnt get enough exposure in the news or even through mates calling each other out if they see or hear anything.
    I have known a few cops, mostly the first placement is Sth Auckland, most of their callouts are for DV, especially on weekends and even more so when major sporting teams are playing.

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    Don't get sucked in by this guy because it sounds like you're letting his affluence and toxicity overcome you and your mum. I don't know the story and aren't needing details but you're going to want to get some pretty serious distance from this guy and if that means your mum's going to lose out on some assets so be it they were never really going to be hers anyway.

    Good luck with it mate.

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    Have a look at Reolink.

    They do battery operated systems you can move around and trigger on movement and can record audio.
    Can all be done from your phone app too.

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    Not going into detail, but I'm a lot more optimistic now this has been escalated to a senior sargeant and domestic violence unit, based on the current game plan it's no longer a case of considering having to cut and run , only real impediment is my mom needing to pull her head in but they're also working around that.

    Markuchi wrote:
    Have a look at Reolink.
    Thanks this looks like a really good option I'll try and grab some