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    Just grabbed this from EB Games a few weeks back for $5. It's actually not that bad.

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    don't have any faith in Bioware anymore, the last three games have been horrible (both story and tech wise) in comparison to the games that people hold in high regard. someone on twitter in reply to this post brought up a post from last year where they said the same things.

    also long-term redesign could just be fluff talk to get them to the point where they can just close it all together with the excuse of "we tried and couldn't come up with anything solid that we were happy with"

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    Now revamp Mass Effect Andromeda...

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    They're gonna close Bioware within the next 5 years probably. I'd rather that they cancel Dragon Age 4, rather than release one last lacklustre game which will further shit on the legacy.

    The story in DA4 would likely be cringy bullshit by some Derangement Syndrome sufferers who will make the Tevinter Imperium into a hamfisted, nuance-free analogy for Brexit UK and/or Trump's America.
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    It sounds like the best thing that could happen to Anthem is if they were to blow the world up and start over, Final Fantasy 14 style.