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    Deleting all Google Photos

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way to delete all your Google Photos Library? As googles solution seems to be select them 500 at a time.

    I've been using Google Photos for years now but a few months back the Backup & Sync App on my Mac updated and started resyncing, and duplicated everything, despite Goolge saying it doesn't duplicate. Anyway once that finished, and JI updated to Catalina, it reysncing the photos again, so now I have 3-5 of every photo hahaha.

    Just looking for an easy way to remove everything and start fresh.

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    Thx! Gave it a try tonight and looks like it will work. Just very s lowly as it does it day by day groups but will work.

    Ironically I found another problem. What I thought was missing photos as well might not be. I noticed earlier when treating that script that I see different numbers if photos on the google photos web page, than I do on my iPhone app, and again on my iPad app. All 3 seem to shoe differing amounts, especially the longer I go back.

    So strange.

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    Ugh man that's a shitty situtation. Had a similar problem with Adobe Cloud, although without any dupes. Huge pain in the ass.