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    Headphone help

    Hey all,

    I've been in this predicament once before and I followed the suggestions laid out before me but once again, I'm in need of the forums help.

    gaming headphones, I've got a proverbial hard on for Sennheiser so I don't want to betray her but multiple google searches suggest she ain't the one for me. i kick names and take ass with my current Sennheiser headphones so all is well in the world but they stopped spare part support for my ear pads, Sennheirser NZ don't have any old stock left and all I can get is after market pads off Aliexpress... fantastic free shipping btw.

    Has anyone used the gaming SH headsets with the built in microphones? Are they any good? I dont like the idea of wireless headphones, been down that track before and had a few unexpected 'voltage' failures during inopportune times due to a somewhat frequent extended sessions that occur.

    Gaming or not, sensitivity is key, all suggestions will be given thought.

    Thank you for your help ^_^

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    same issue for me the last year or so. But again your ears and listening appreciation is different form others. In the end i have 4 headsets at home and 2 at work ( and the Drop wireless coming as well in June /July )

    for Home, hands down for gaming , the Sennheiser Gamer One and the Massdrop Sennheiser PC37x are the best sounding headsets with adequate mics. For listening tho to music tho , there are sbetter depending on type of music and DAC / AMP you have but that is another discussion. I have tried for 1-2 months the Hyperx Cloud , Corsair and also the Logitech wireless but while they all sound good , there is a superior difference in the Sennheiser ones. But again ymmv depending on your ears. ALso the Sennheiser is wired so if you want Wireless you have to go a different route. None of the wireless gaming ones i tested sounded good enough and the slight lag from the BT connection meant i did not want them for gaming.

    at work i user a HyperX as the boom mic is super useful for conference calls etc , i also have a Sony mX3 for ANC while i need to do work and do not want any outside noise.