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    bradc wrote:
    If I wanted the hands off of a cruise I'd just go somewhere nice at an all inclusive resort.
    But you'd fly there right?

    It's my understanding that modern aircraft ventilation systems don't pass viruses around.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    some would get passed around, but not corona - it's not airborne.

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    Zarkov wrote:
    But you'd fly there right?
    I'd take 8hrs with a planes filtration system over a week sitting on a floating Petrie dish. Then again cruises aren't my bag at all.

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    sorceror wrote:
    it's not airborne.
    are you sure about that?
    According to scientists, coughs and sneezes can travel several feet and stay suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes.

    10 minutes seems like airborne to me

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    WakeForest wrote:
    Anybody know where to find cheap cruise deals - have googled and came up with a number of websites, but looking for one that does/did the cheap deal ^^^
    As expected, round 2 of the same cruise deals plus a couple more. Supposedly a 48 hour flash sale, but I'd be surprised if they don't do a round 3, 4 and 5.

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    Hmm so India is shut down and that's how you'd normally get into Bhutan. We can go via Thailand, but at the moment we'd get a refund for everything with insurance but not if we deviate and get affected down the line.

    Balis looking cheap.

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    are you sure about that? link

    10 minutes seems like airborne to me
    If there was truly airborne transmission we would have millions of cases by now. 10 min is not really long enough

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    Lol, Ardern just banned cruise ships til June.

    Pretty extreme, but eh, will see what happens. I'm probably not going on a cruise until further notice.

    Glad I haven't bought travel insurance yet, P&O will have to refund a service they're not providing and it's unlikely they'll go bankrupt. But if they manage to park their ship in Auckland in May, I'll be walking onto it.