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    Forum Guidelines

    Please take the guidelines below into consideration when posting in this forum.

    Three important points:

    [list=1][*] If you want to express yourself with profanities, please censor them. Use your common sense here; words such as shit, crap, bitch are acceptable; f**k and anything else within range should be censored. It's not much to ask and makes the moderators job that less tedious.
    [*] Anything remotely related to DivX, bootlegging or any other pirated mediums in this forum is forbidden and will be shown zero-tolerance. That means you WILL be banned from the forum if you persist.
    [*] Try to avoid posting multiple threads of the same topic. If there's a topic you want to discuss, and there's already a recent thread of the same topic (say, in the last 30 days), please use the existing thread - unless it's specific.

    Other than that, standard forum practice applies and above all use common sense. That means avoiding the pointless one word posts, the spamming, the unnecessary off-topic banter etc.

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    Two new rules to take note of:

    1) Before making a thread about a film or television show make sure that you use the search engine at to check whether or not there is already a thread about the title.

    It tends to be better than the search button in the forum.

    2) Thread titles should be clear and accurate. If you want to make a thread about The Godfather, then fine make one. But you must include the name of the film in the title.
    E.G. Don't make a thread with the title "Best Mob Film Evar!11".

    Apart from that Taxi Drivers old rules still apply.