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    Useful Pages For Programming Help

    I find this page very useful for help with HTML and CSS:

    it would be great if other people could post useful pages for other languages

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    A good HTML n00b site is is good for Web programming etc.

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    Great to learn most languages and easy to follow tutorials

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    Maybe Matt should make this a sticky thread.

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    When we get quite a few of these in here I will go through them and make a tidy listing.

    Keep posting 'em up! We need some more variation

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    Maybe you should split it into two separate threads...programming help and web-page help

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    Yeah maybe. I'll need some programming links first though.

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    Not so much for programming as such but a lot of good white papers and theoretical information.

    You need to register but it's got a lot of good information.

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    Just lookin for a script? Just try hotscripts.

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    #16 for java stuff, great untill the 3rd tutorial, (im still learing JAVA)

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    #17 <--excellent for flash tut's and info..

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    to get the most up to date programming information go to

    seriously though its about flash has tutes and good links, flash community stuff aswell.

    gg what a good idea this thread is.

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    This site is even better, a whole java book, very good

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    can someone post some good flash 5 website ? please

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    #25 (just a cool flash animation)

    - if you want any flash done, or php or mysql or website or anything - let me know!