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    Forum Posting Rules
    • Gerter
      Gerter is a redneck and must be banned on sight. That is all.
    • No Referral Links
      People who post links which auto-refer to other websites for competitions etc. will have their posts deleted and accounts removed if they continue to post referral links.
    • No porn
      Porn will result in a suspension, no warnings.
    • NSFW
      If you wouldn't want your boss to see an image or video, as a courtesy to other members, please mark it as NSFW (not safe for work).
    • No Attacking Family
      Partners of members and young people are not valid targets when you want to goad another member. Neither for parents, unless the member has specifically brought them up in the thread - i.e., "My Dad said... ...therefore you are wrong." That said, you'll die a horrible flamey death if you do, so caveat poster.
    • Linking Pics
      For some reason in recent weeks its become apparent that linking pics from results in graphic images being displayed, something which is not tolerated in Gameplanet. If any off these pics are spotted by a mod or admin, an instant ban will occur to the person responsible. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Swearing.
      The swear filter is there for a reason. Circumventing it will get your posts edited/deleted. Repeatedly circumventing it will get your access to OD removed.
    • Abuse.
      Discussions get heated, and some abuse will occur. People have different limits on what is acceptable, if you consider that the abuse is beyond acceptable, please report the post. Repeated personal attacks on a specific member outside of a debate will be viewed dimly and repeat offenders will lose access to Open Discussion, if not the whole forums.
    • Drugs.
      Discussions about drugs and drug related paraphernalia are frowned upon, so don't moan if your thread gets locked or deleted.

      Hint: Discussing prices, suppliers, or specific techniques are a good way to fast-track locking.
    • Content free posts
      Posts consisting solely of "Old", "ibl", "wtf", "sounds mint" or similar will probably be deleted. Especially "old" posts. Congratulations on viewing something on the internet before others; other people may not have seen it. Posts consisting solely of a quote of someone else's post are also likely to be deleted. If a moderator determines that you've been spamming mostly content-free posts, you will lose access for a period of time.
    • Using 'Gay' (or any variations), "Gook" or "Jew" as an insult/derogatory term.
      Using 'gay', 'homo', 'fag', 'jew', 'gook' etceteras as an insult or derogatory term can cause offence. The moderators are aware that the offense can depend on context, and will use their discretion, so be aware that your post may be edited or deleted if deemed necessary. If your post has been edited, take the hint - don't repost it or you will lose your access. DO NOT USE THE WORD ***GOT.

      In addition, forum administrators can edit posts without the "edited by" subtext appearing. If you post has been altered, it's not a glitch.
    • Digging up old threads.
      Digging up threads from times gone by is unacceptable. If you have nothing to contribute, don't post. The moderators are aware that some new people google threads and respond without checking the date.
    • Misleading links.
      Posting links to annoying or offensive pages (e.g. the GP logout or a site displaying borderline images) without warning or in a misleading way will result in an instant ban for the poster. Rickrolling will earn you a suspension.
    • Leadership issues
      If you wish to discuss the actions of a moderator, do not do so within a thread in question. Either send a private message to an admin or make a thread in the Administration forum. Abuse directed at moderators for moderating will get you suspended.
    • Out and out racism
      Don't do it. NZ is a multicultural society and GP is a multicultural community. Once again, moderators will act with regard to context, but be prepared for a racist post to be edited/deleted. Repeat offenders will be warned, and then if they persist, suspended. Just because the person you're insulting is your friend doesn't mean it's acceptable.
    • You must have seen Rocky I, II, III, IV and VI
      Not having seen these films at least once will result in a 2 week suspension. You don't have to watch Part V because it was a bit naff.
    • Torrents/warez
      For those too slow to realise, don't post links to illegal downloads of anything, it will get you suspended. This extends to discussions, regarding how, where or when you illegally download
    • Deliberate flaming of new forum members
      We want GP Forums to be a welcoming and great community. Deliberately flaming new forum members/posters for no other reason than that they are new is counter-productive and members who do so will be dealt with accordingly. The popular choice of punishment is to remove your post count to remind you what it's like.
    • Misogynistic posts
      Yes, there are girls on the Internet. This does not mean they have to suffer a barrage of sexist remarks and requests to reveal parts of their anatomy. "Tits or GTFO" posts (or similar) are unacceptable and the poster may find themselves suspended for a time. Treat others the way you would expect to be treated, everyone has the right to their opinion and if you can't see past their breasts, you're on the wrong forum.
    • Phone numbers & Personal Contact Details
      Feel free to post your own landline or mobile number - but be prepared for the obvious consequences. However posting other people's numbers or contact details is unethical and offending posts will be removed or edited and will result in a warning. There are very few instances where this is allowed, PM an Admin or Mod beforehand for clarification.
    • News/Video/Review/Preview posts in the Games Discussion Forum
      Gameplanet's staff create threads in the Games Discussion Forum that are linked to the Gameplanet website and function as comments on articles. Sometimes the news Gameplanet is posting has been referred to in an existing thread. GP's staff are usually aware of this: They re-post such news in a new thread because all articles need comments unique to that subject. Pointing out to them that it has been posted in a different thread is a waste of your time and a test of their patience!

      You can identify these posts by an orange arrow to the left of the title, or as they include a prefix such as "News:", "Video:", "Review:", "Preview:", or "Hands on:"

    Please note that moderators are not limited solely to the application of these rules. With your co-operation we can all make this a pleasant place to visit and enjoy.

    GP Staff

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    Updated the derogatory term section

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    Edited for recent changes (before Google cache lost them)

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    Added bit about posting links to illegal downloads

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    The rules have been updated with the sections on abusing newbies and mysoginistic remarks.

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    Updated rules to reflect JvJ's changes here.